Contemporary Dance is the most expressive of styles. Its values include freedom, expression and creativity. It calls for improvisation and uses pedestrian movement a lot more often than other styles.

Contemporary performances can range in style, from a completely abstract piece to something with intricate music storytelling. It pushes the boundaries of dance.

Hatti, our main teacher of contemporary, has recently graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Dance, from De Montfort University, specialising in Contemporary Dance. Contemporary at Panthera Dance Company is more about your freedom to express yourself than aiming for technical perfection. You can take movements or sequences and make them your own.

Classes at Panthera Dance Company will not only teach you set movements, loose techniques and phrases, but also the art of choreography and improvisation. It will aim to improve your creativity, strength and flexibility.

What you will learn

  • Fundamental Technique Skills
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Contact Improvisation
  • Fitness Exercises to improve mainly strength and stamina
  • History of Contemporary Dance in the UK
  • Choreography skills – ways to create movement


  • Comfortable clothing that allows free movement
  • Barefoot, or foot-thongs
  • Bottle of Water
  • A can-do, positive attitude

Upcoming Classes