How could dance help you?

I’m sure the majority of the readers of this blog have never thought of dance as a way to improve health and fitness. Are you one of those? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s where you’re going wrong. No matter what your favourite sport is, or whichever sport you specialise in, dance has benefits which can improve your performance immensely. I’m now sure 90% of you starting to read this article are doubting the statement I’ve just written, but read below, give it a chance, and see if I can persuade you.


This section is what is says in the title, BUT I’m not ONLY aiming this at people who want to start something new or have enjoyed dance before. I’m aiming this at people who participate in other sports and want to improve on certain aspects of fitness and health. Dance is not only a way into a new exercise beginning, but it is also a way to help with other sports (i.e. increasing your coordination or spatial awareness for football players, or improving your heart and lung health in order to keep up your cardio work in the gym). It’s worth a try, at least?

  1. Dancing can help you lose weight It is estimated that you can burn between 5 to 10 calories every minute you dance. This is due to areas of aerobic AND anaerobic work in a class.
  2. Dance can increase your balance and coordination by learning movements or routines which aid you to practice these elements.
  3. Dance helps your cholesterol levels. Dance aids lipid control in the blood which raises your good cholesterol and lowers the bad. In turn, this aids blood sugar control, meaning dance is extremely beneficial for diabetics.
  4. Dance can increase your energy throughout the day significantly. Fun fact: The muscle exertion and breathing rate of a dancer performing one dance in a high-level competition can be equivalent to an Olympic-level 800m runner.
  5. Dance increases muscular strength and endurance, therefore improving muscle tone.
  6. Dance can lead to stronger bones, in turn providing less chance of osteoporosis. It also makes the body produce more lubrication in joints, lowering the risk of arthritis.
  7. Dance can improve your spacial awareness.
  8. Dance can higher your self-confidence and self-esteem, reducing stress and providing less chance of poor mental health.
  9. Your flexibility can increase significantly, reducing stiffness within the body, easing joint pain and reducing the Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness if you are exercising other than dance.
  10. Dance can improve the health of your heart and lungs.
  11. Participating in dance means you can exercise and socialise. Joining new clubs or classes can give you a whole new set of friends.
  12. Dance has no cultural barriers. You can learn about all different types of culture through movement. Dance can also provide inclusivity.
  13. Finally, it has been proven that dance can enhance your memory significantly. The New England Journal of Medicine found that dancing can boost your memory and potentially prevent you from developing dementia.