Our Mission

“leading by example”

Our mission statement goes to the heart of our company and defines our core values. Panthera Dance Company will encourage dance for all, regardless of ability, age or capability. We hope to bring dance to the heart of the community.

We will lead by example with flair and innovation and will promote a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. It is our aim to create a place where people who have a similar interest and passion for dance can learn, meet and socialise with old friends and new acquaintances in a safe environment. The emphasis will be on fun and family-orientated activity that will be both inclusive and focused on individual development.

We want to support our dancers’ aspirations to be the best they can in performing their art and to celebrate and be proud of their personal endeavours.

We will always lead by example, personally and professionally.


Our brand is named after the Genus of Panthera: a group of big cats identified solely as Tigers, Leopards, Snow Leopards, Lions and Jaguars. The Panther is the unique black coloured variant in any of the Panthera group. The spirit of the animal symbolises individuality, strength, courage and is protective by nature; these characteristics are at the centre of our values.