The benefits of dance and yoga go far beyond the obvious surface benefit of physical health and general wellbeing. When delivered with knowledge and intention, children and teachers are equipped with experience-learned practical tools and skills such as communication, confidence, team building, plus self reflection and evaluation of others. All of which are both necessary and useful for real life experiences and link to improved learning.

Hatti, our Principal, has a passion for bringing this opportunity of self-expression whilst educating to students in schools across the county. She believes it is a valuable lesson which aids other subjects, teaching transferable schools useful for every day life.


‘Panthera Dance Company has a long-standing relationship with our school and have been running some of our most popular after-school clubs for several years. Hatti and her team are well organised, they are punctual and they are committed to providing high quality dance instruction in every session. The pupils attending the dance clubs are always really excited about the club and love to show me what they have learnt on the playground the next day. I would not hesitate to recommend Panthera Dance Company to other schools and anyone keen to learn dance regardless of previous experience. They are absolutely outstanding coaches and practitioners – our pupils are very very lucky to have them!’

PE Lead at Local Salisbury Primary School

We are partnered with many schools and organisations in Salisbury and surrounding areas, such as St Marys Calne, Salisbury Cathedral School, Pembroke Park, providing them with bespoke dance and yoga classes, facilitating the space and time for student’s self expression, collaboration and physical wellbeing. 

Our sessions are tailored to individual school priorities, requirements, preferences whilst being adaptable and inclusive of age, behaviour and ability.  


‘We have had the privilege of knowing and working with Panthera Dance Company for several years now.
They deliver excellent afterschool services for our 4-7 year olds. Each week the children will learn something different and will always want to return in the next term for more. The clubs are always very popular and very well attended. They are very adaptable and are willing to work with our other schools within the Trust to deliver one off dance shows to our parents. Management is also very well executed and are they are very approachable.

Member of Staff at Local Salisbury Primary School

To give a feel of us as a dance school and what we can provide, we are providing 30 minute FREE taster sessions, aligned to the Dance Progression of Key Skills, for all Key Stages for schools. If you’re interested in booking one of these taster sessions, drop us an email at 

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, and create a bespoke package for the needs of your school and students.


‘Panthera have provided two lunchtime clubs each week to help improve physical exercise, mental health and also to ensure disadvantaged pupils in particular have an opportunity to attend a club when they can’t stay after school. The children engage incredibly well in the sessions and the clubs have helped improve behaviour and relationships overall in the school during social times. Definitely recommend!’

Headteacher at Local Salisbury Primary School

Panthera Dance Company offers local primary and secondary schools Dance and Yoga classes in and outside of the curriculum.


The in-school Dance opportunities we can provide are as follows:

  • After school or Lunchtime enrichment clubs
  • PPA Cover
  • Commissioned Choreography classes for school plays, performances or competitions (such as the Rock Challenge)
  • Enhancement Day Workshops (such as Sports or Arts days)
  • Dance or Yoga in PE Lessons (Primary or Secondary)
  • One-off Workshops for GCSE or A Level student of Dance
  • One-off Cross-Curricular or Cultural Workshops
  • CPD sessions in delivering dance lessons for teachers
  • One-off Workshops for students with impairments

Dance classes at schools will focus on:

  • Creativity, through individualism, choreography and improving performance abilities.
  • Providing a safe and judgement free environment where the children can enjoy what they’re learning.
  • Improving confidence through short performances and showcases of learning.
  • Creating friendships and learning about teamwork through group tasks.
  • Enhancing self-discipline awareness through solo tasks and goal setting.
  • And of course, learning the basics of Street and Contemporary Dance, the most popular genres of dance in today’s society.


The in-school Yoga opportunities we can provide are as follows:

  • Weekly mindfulness and yoga sessions which cover both Yoga and breathing techniques to calm students or employees
  • One-off workshops or ‘team building’ days for classes or teams, actively focussing on mental or physical wellbeing
  • Workshops or weekly sessions to focus on nutrition and health for your school/team.


Yoga classes at schools will focus on:

  • Learning calming and de-stressing techniques to take into everyday life
  • Providing a safe and judgement free environment where the children can enjoy what they’re learning.
  • Understand and improving flexibility in all the body

Classes taught by Panthera Dance Company in schools:




1-2pm – Dance at Salisbury Cathedral School

3.15-4.15pm – Dance at Old Sarum Primary School

3.15-4.15pm – Dance at Downton Primary School



1-3pm – Dance at Woodford Valley School

1-2pm – Dance at Bemerton St John’s School

3.15-4.15pm – Dance at St Joseph’s School



3.15-4.15pm – Dance at Old Sarum Primary School



Morning: Seated Dance or Yoga at Salisbury Manor Care Home

1-3pm – Longford Primary PE Lessons

3-4pm – Dance at Durrington Infants School

3.15-4.15pm – Dance at Gomeldon Primary School

3.15-4.15pm – Dance at St Osmunds



1-2pm: CPD Dance at Winterbourne Earls



Seated Dance or Yoga at Milford House Care Home, Old Sarum Manor Care Home, Avonbourne Care Home, Gloucester House Assisted Living

Dance and Yoga for Friday Under 5’s at Salisbury Playhouse with Wiltshire Creative

Workshops with Mind The Gap at Salisbury Playhouse with Wiltshire Creative

Workshops for Bemerton Heath Community Centre and Friary Community Centre with Salisbury City Council

Workshops for Salisbury Young Farmers

Workshops for Harnham WI and New Sarum WI