Panthera Dance Company offers local primary and secondary schools Dance and Yoga classes in and outside of the curriculum.

We have a proven background in teaching within schools in the Wiltshire Area, with Hatti and Amie having previously worked with schools such as Greentrees, Pembroke Park, St Josephs, St Edmunds and plenty more over the past 5 years.


The in-school Dance opportunities we can provide are as follows:

  • After school or Lunchtime enrichment clubs
  • PPA Cover
  • Commissioned Choreography classes for school plays, performances or competitions (such as the Rock Challenge)
  • Enhancement Day Workshops (such as Sports or Arts days)
  • Dance in PE Lessons (Primary or Secondary)
  • One-off Workshops for GCSE or A Level student of Dance
  • One-off Cross-Curricular or Cultural Workshops
  • CPD sessions in delivering dance lessons for teachers
  • One-off Workshops for students with impairments

Dance can be an important element in the culture and lifestyle of young people nowadays, allowing them to enjoy exercise, de-stress and provide opportunities for self-expression.

Dance classes at schools will focus on:

  • Creativity, through individualism, choreography and improving performance abilities.
  • Providing a safe and judgement free environment where the children can enjoy what they’re learning.
  • Improving confidence through short performances and showcases of learning.
  • Creating friendships and learning about teamwork through group tasks.
  • Enhancing self-discipline awareness through solo tasks and goal setting.
  • And of course, learning the basics of Street and Contemporary Dance, the most popular genres of dance in today’s society.


The in-school Yoga opportunities we can provide are as follows:

  • Weekly mindfulness and yoga sessions which cover both Yoga and breathing techniques to calm students or employees
  • One-off workshops or ‘team building’ days for classes or teams, actively focussing on mental or physical wellbeing
  • Workshops or weekly sessions to focus on nutrition and health for your school/team.

Yoga and Mindfulness Classes with Panthera aim to give you the tools to take your practice off the mat and into your everyday life; learning to recognise when we need to take some time for ourselves to recharge.


If you feel that any of the above are opportunities which would suit your school, then please do not hesitate to contact us in the first instance. We are confident we would be able to create a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Our school classes, both in and out of the curriculum, are in high demand. We are constantly changing our timetable to add new schools. It is therefore recommended that you communicate with our schools team at the earliest opportunity, to ensure you are at the forefront of our planning for next term.

For further information please email us here

Classes taught by Panthera Dance Company in schools:

November 2021:


9.15-9.45am – Yoga at Pitton Primary School

1-2pm – Dance at Salisbury Cathedral School

3.20-4.20pm – Dance at Old Sarum Primary School

3.30-4.30pm – Dance at Downton Primary School

4-5pm – Dance at Rookwood School


1-3pm – Woodford Valley C of E Academy PE Lessons

3-4pm – Dance at Exeter House School

3-4pm – Dance at Woodford Valley C of E Academy

3-4pm – Dance at Trafalgar School, Downton



11.20-12.20pm – Intervention Dance at Sarum Academy

3.20-4.20pm – Dance at Old Sarum Primary School



3-4pm – Dance at Durrington Infants School



1-3pm – Longford Primary PE Lessons