Ballet and Modern Technical Classes


Our technical classes include a variety of styles such as Modern, Ballet, Acro, Musical Theatre, Jazz and more. All of these classes are freework. There is no obligation to wear leotards, ballet buns or ballet shoes.

Panthera Dance Company is only at the beginning of their Technical Class journey, but a silver lining of this is that some of our classes are Mixed Theatre, meaning you can get the benefit of all the styles in one class, rather than paying for separate classes. These classes start for dancers as young as 7.

Our older classes focus mainly on Contemporary, Ballet and Modern which are styles absolutely vital for dancers who want to stay in the industry.

If you’d like a free taster, or more information in any of these classes, please drop us an email!


What you will learn

    • Fundamental Technique Skills
    • Freedom of Expression
    • Variety of dance styles
    • Fitness Exercises to improve mainly strength and stamina
    • History of Dance in the UK
    • Choreography skills – ways to create movement



  • Comfortable clothing that allows free movement
  • Barefoot, or foot-thongs
  • Bottle of Water
  • A can-do, positive attitude

Upcoming Classes