The Cubs and The Panthers FIRST COMPETITION

On the 6th October 2019, Panthera Dance Company took part in the UDO Southern Street Dance Championships in Portsmouth; it was an immensely successful day for all! It was the first competition that the Panthers and Cubs Crew have competed in and they did not disappoint! Both Teams, Solos and Quads qualified for British Championships and European Championships 2020 in Germany. After a long day, working incredibly hard, Panthera came away with an astonishing 19 Medals and 16 Trophies.

(Team) CUBS CREW – 2nd Place


(Team) PANTHERS CREW 2nd Place


QUADS – 1st Place and 5th Place O18 Beginners



Hatti Dawson: 1st Place O18 Novice

Anya Dawson: 2nd Place U18 Beginner

Erin S: Entered O16 Beginner

Olivia W: 7th Place O18 Beginner

Sinead W: 4th Place U18 Beginner

Charley L: 5th Place O18 Beginner

Suzy L: Entered O18 Beginner

Kira P: Entered O16 Beginner